In Texas, rugged self reliance, a high tolerance of heat, BBQ and tailgate parties are part of the greatness of being Texan.  We love smoking up food and feeding folks.  We like to make our own recipes and we like to use our own smokers too; it's just how things are done here.  Check out what we have done below and if you want a long lasting, versatile, cool and reliable smoker, order your own and keep the tradition alive and your friends and family well fed and happy. 
A basic drum smoker kit is a great gift starting at $325
Our 'Basic Boss' is priced at $500 and comes with a standard
lid with handle and precision vent control, two 21" racks offer lots of room, a fire basket with custom ash catcher, diffuser plate, bottle opener, thermometer, 3 air intakes with attached caps, a tool hanger and wheels.  These smokers are made with the old school wood / coal smoking enthusiast in mind.
We offer kick ass upgrades including rib rods for hanging foods like ribs or bacon on hooks for $75 or a custom modified lid with a 'drum drop' included.  These are ideal for opening the smallest part of the center to spray and avoid massive heat loss or drop shish kebabs down the hole and hang them in one of the slots in the lid for $75, a lid latch for transportation is $25 and custom paint accents start at $25 with more detailed work priced on a piece by piece basis.  
These are one of a kind, sturdy tools for folks who want to smoke up awesomeness and feed happy crowds.  I have used these drums for years at BBQ events, on the road and used them at home.  These smokers work very well, are easy to move, plus, they are durable and super cool.
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